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Sud Stop Car Wash is Eco-Friendly

Why washing at Sud Stop is better for your wallet and the environment.

  • Our highly pressurized wash system is designed to minimize water usage. We also utilize sophisticated underground settling tanks where we reclaim and filter all our fresh water for reuse.
  • Water that’s not reused is processed through our on-site filtration system before being sent to the sewer system, where it’s refined further.
  • Our chemicals are biodegradable and pH balanced to a neutral state during our washing process for a safer clean.
  • When you wash your car at home, wastewater filled with dirt, oil, gas, antifreeze, brake residue, and detergents washes from your car and flows into nearby storm drains. These can run directly into lakes, rivers, or streams.
  • We collect all the dirt and grime that is washed off your car in one central location and then redirect this non-hazardous waste to facilities to be properly handled, and often repurposed into potting soil and fertilizer.
  • The average wash at home is 40 minutes and we wash your car in 3!
  • We offer convenient hours and a lightning-fast express service.
  • Unlimited Car Wash Club members enjoy license plate recognition, which allows you to move through the process more quickly.
cartoon scene featuring a man washing his vehicle at home while thinking of fun things he'd rather be doing
  • Research shows that consumers use over 10 times more water (up to 140 gallons) when they wash their cars at home.
  • Studies have shown that hoses use 14 gallons of water per minute. Sud Stop uses approximately 15 gallons of fresh city water per car.
Sudsy, the Sud Stop Express Car Wash Mascot

We Go Above and Beyond the Eco-Friendly Status Quo

At Sud Stop Car Wash, we care about our customers and the environment in equal measure. More than just our high-quality washes and water conservation methods — we use 90% less water than you would washing your car at home! — we also make dedicated efforts to support the environment in a variety of ways.

As an eco-friendly car wash, we use strategic planning to make sure that our landscapes enhance the beauty of your surroundings and benefit the environment at large. We utilize water-smart landscaping for all of our car wash sites, which means we choose plants that are native to the region and prioritize plants that need less water for better conservation.

Our Premium Express Car Wash Is A Win-Win For You And The Environment!