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Unlimited Plans

Wash your car as often as you like at any Sud Stop location for one low monthly price!

Unlimited Washes

Member Only Lane

No Contract

Low Monthly Fee

Our Finest Wash

Wash Plan


First 2 Mos.


Unlimited Reg.

Includes SUPERSUD Wash
  • Graphene Carbon Coating
  • Rain Repel (Spotless Shine)

Best Value

Wash Plan


First 2 Mos.


Unlimited Reg
Includes SPEEDYSUD Wash
  • x3 Ceramic Coating
  • Micro Dry

Sudsy Shine in No Time

Wash Plan


First 2 Mos.


Unlimited Reg
  • Fusion Wax
  • Rain Repel
  • Tire Shine
  • Bug Blast
  • Quick Dry

Free Amenities

icon depicting the free car vacuums at Sud Stop
Free vacuum stations
icon of microfiber towels for car washing
Free microfiber towels
icon depicting a nozzle and hose, blowing out air, to signify the the free self-service car wash amenities at Sud Stop
Free compressed air
icon of a roll of microfiber towels surrounded by bubbles, depicting free wash amenities at Sud Stop Car Wash
Free window cleaner
icon depicting a bundle of car cleaning materials, including towels and solutions
Free mat cleaners
icon of nozzle and hose with bubbles, depicting car wash solution
Free interior cleaner

Wash Plans FAQs

How do Unlimited Wash Plans work?

Purchasing an Unlimited Wash Plan means paying a single low monthly rate that gives you access to as many car washes per month as you’d like, instead of paying for each wash individually. You can choose from multiple tiers of car wash plans, allowing you to select the level of service that meets your desired results and budget. Simply choose your plan and enjoy unlimited washes all month long at any of our locations!

Is a car wash plan the same as a car wash subscription?

Car wash plans and car wash subscriptions are interchangeable terms, often used to describe any car wash plan that provides key benefits for a recurring rate. At Sud Stop, our car wash plans offer unlimited washes each month for a single low monthly rate.

Is there a car wash plan for multiple cars?

Yes! We offer a family plan that allows you to add additional cars to your account at a discounted rate, as well as fleet plans for businesses with a minimum of five vehicles.