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Fleet Plans

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, our Fleet Plans can help ensure that every one of your company’s vehicles receives the premium care it deserves. Our budget-friendly monthly Unlimited Wash Plans, top-notch services, and plenty of savings help keep your fleet in top-notch shape. (If your fleet includes 20+ vehicles, contact us for additional discounted pricing.) To set up your fleet plan, simply visit one of our Sud Stop locations and a team member will assist you.

Benefits of a Fleet Plan

In addition to enjoying a low monthly rate with unlimited car washes, the Fleet Plans receive discounted pricing. More than this, you’ll also get the convenience of washing your vehicles at any of our Sud Stop Car Wash locations, equipped with premium services and exceptional products.

sud stop car wash fleet vehicle wash packages

Free Amenities

icon depicting the free car vacuums at Sud Stop
Free vacuum stations
icon of microfiber towels for car washing
Free microfiber towels
icon depicting a nozzle and hose, blowing out air, to signify the the free self-service car wash amenities at Sud Stop
Free compressed air
icon of a roll of microfiber towels surrounded by bubbles, depicting free wash amenities at Sud Stop Car Wash
Free window cleaner
icon depicting a bundle of car cleaning materials, including towels and solutions
Free mat cleaners
icon of nozzle and hose with bubbles, depicting car wash solution
Free interior cleaner

Find Your Location

Use your Unlimited Sudscription at any of our convenient locations (and we have more new locations on the way)!

a car getting washed in a sud stop express car wash

Fleet Plan FAQ

How can I enroll in a Fleet Plan?

To enroll in a Fleet Plan, fill out our contact form with your information or visit a Sud Stop location in person and one of our staff can assist you!