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Welcome to Sud Stop

Sudisfaction & Shine Every Time®

Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves: We’re Sud Stop Car Wash, your new home for express car washes in Bradenton, Florida.  If you’re an existing member, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll get the same amazing wash package you signed up for, but with a different name and LOWER price.

See below for new plan information!

Free Amenities

icon depicting the free car vacuums at Sud Stop
Free vacuum stations
icon of microfiber towels for car washing
Free microfiber towels
icon depicting a nozzle and hose, blowing out air, to signify the the free self-service car wash amenities at Sud Stop
Free compressed air
icon of a roll of microfiber towels surrounded by bubbles, depicting free wash amenities at Sud Stop Car Wash
Free window cleaner
icon depicting a bundle of car cleaning materials, including towels and solutions
Free mat cleaners
icon of nozzle and hose with bubbles, depicting car wash solution
Free interior cleaner

Thank you for stopping by to visit the new Sud Stop! Make sure to say “hi” the next time you’re in for a wash or follow us on social media for the latest news, updates, and offers!

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Contact Us:

Sudsy, the Sud Stop Express Car Wash Mascot

Member FAQs

I'm an existing customer. What do I need to do to continue my account?

Nothing! We’ve got you covered. We converted your previous plan into a comparable Sud Stop Unlimited Wash Plan!

How do I manage my Wash Plan?

Visit our location in person or just create a My Wash Plan account at sudstop.mywashaccount.com and click on register.

Do you still have the same amenities?

Absolutely! Take advantage of our free amenities including air fresheners, microfiber towels, multi-function vacuums, compressed air, glass and interior cleaner, and mat washing stations.

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes, just visit our Family Plan or Fleet Plan pages to wash all your vehicles at a reduced cost!