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The Sud Stop® Experience

Welcome to Sud Stop, your new home for a fast, affordable and professional express car wash experience.


At Sud Stop, we focus on the things that matter most to you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Quality Products
  • Free Amenities
  • The Environment
  • Exceptional Experience

Time. Our express car wash takes about 3 minutes to complete—not bad when you consider the average at-home car wash takes about 40 minutes.

Not only that, our members-only express lanes are equipped with license plate readers so you don’t even need to check in when you arrive.

Money. We offer three tiers of wash packages to ensure you get the one that best fits your budgets, and your needs.

Our SignatureSud wash relies on the power of graphene, which is four times more powerful than ceramic.

Our popular SuperSud wash uses a proven three-step ceramic coating for an enhanced car wash experience.

Our SpeedySud wash uses fusion wax and seal to give you the fastest, and most affordable, car wash.

Plus, when you sign up for an unlimited wash package at a low monthly rate, it pays for itself in less than two visits. Discounts are available for families and fleets.

Quality. Your car deserves the latest technology and the highest quality products to help protect your car’s finish. Choose from our three-step ceramic coating, graphene carbon coating that’s four times stronger than ceramic, or even our advanced wash and wax package, all of which also include rain repel, tire shine, bug removal and quick-dry technology.

Free Amenities. Our locations offer free tools to help you take your car wash detailing to the next level. Keep your interior spotless by using our free vacuums, mat cleaners, compressed air guns, interior and window cleaners and microfiber towels to give your car the extra touch.

The Environment. Our high-pressure system used a minimal amount of water (about 14 gallons per car), compared with the average at-home wash that uses up to 140 gallons. Water is captured and filtered in underground tanks and reused, saving water overall and keeping better control over dirt and environmental contaminants. Plus, our chemicals are biodegradable and pH balanced for a safer clean.

Exceptional Experience. Of course, you want to know that your car is clean and protected. You want it to be affordable and easy. You want professional, friendly staff to ensure everything goes smoothly.

That’s the Sud Stop experience.

Sudsy, the Sud Stop Express Car Wash Mascot

Find Your Location

Use your Unlimited Sudscription at any of our convenient locations (and we have more new locations on the way)!

a car getting washed in a sud stop express car wash