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Sud Stop Offers Professional Express Car Wash in Jacksonville, AL

What are the benefits of having an express car wash in Jacksonville? We’ve uncovered some of the best reasons to take advantage of an express car wash like Sud Stop.

Jacksonville is your home base

Nestled at the base of the Appalachians, Jacksonville is a prime location for outdoor adventures. Nearby is the Choccolocco Wildlife Management Area, the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge, the Talladega National Forest, and the Coosa River, just to name a few. Whether you’re taking your vehicle onto dirt roads, hiking, or even hitting the water, it’s a fair bet that your vehicle is going to get dirty, both inside and out.

Jacksonville also sits a little more than an hour away from major destinations, including Birmingham to the west or Atlanta to the east. Of course, Anniston is closer, but it’s still a good 20-minute drive on most days. So if you’re regularly commuting or traveling in the area, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to encounter a fair number of bugs, and other messes along the road.

Fortunately, when you return to home base, make sure you stop at Sud Stop in Jacksonville. Many of our washes include the Bug Blast cycle, specially calculated to get all the dead bug guts off your car.  An underbody wash (available with SignatureSud & SuperSud) and a foam wash will get the rest, followed by a protective coating to help preserve your car’s finish.

Your car needs protection

Protective coatings are important to improve the life of your car’s finish. Heat, sun, rain, dirt, bird stuff, bugs, tree sap and pollen are among the many things that conspire to prematurely age your car. A protective coating, on the other hand, helps keep it looking fresher for longer. Sud Stop in Jacksonville has everything from wax to ceramic to graphene carbon coating.

An express car wash is also a great place for interior detailing. Sud Stop, for instance, offers a wide range of free amenities for all guests. Obviously, we have a whole bunch of vacuum stations. Those vacuum stations even have compressed air to get that sand or those crumbs out of your car’s crevices. Then there’s free interior and window cleaners. Microfiber towels. Mat washing stations (fabric or rubber). Even free air fresheners.

With all the wildlife areas around Jacksonville, it’s important to protect the groundwater. When you drive, your car picks up a lot of chemicals, like oil, antifreeze and dirt, among other things. If you wash your car in your driveway, all those chemicals can potentially end up polluting the watershed. But if you use an express car wash, those chemicals are trapped and filtered rather than allowed to run off.

There are other advantages to using an express car wash in Jacksonville, centering on time, money and resources. Sud Stop uses less than 15 gallons of fresh water per wash. Plus, the wash cycle takes less than 4 minutes. An at-home wash uses about 10 times as much water, or approximately 140 gallons, and takes about 40 minutes compared to an express wash at a modern facility (like Sud Stop in Jacksonville)! Plus, the soaps and chemicals at our express car wash are pH balanced and biodegradable.

Go Unlimited with Sud Stop

So, to review. Sud Stop has the unlimited car wash plans that help keep your car clean, no matter what kind of adventure you’ve been on. Sud Stop also helps the environment by using less fresh water and trapping contaminants so they don’t pollute the local watersheds. Sud Stop also has protectants to protect your car’s finish from environmental hazards. Oh, and Sud Stop saves time and money over the long run, when compared with washing your car at home.

Sounds like Sud Stop is the way to go. Find us in Jacksonville, AL, just south of city center, or visit any of our other locations, which you can find on our locations page.

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