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Panama City Beach and Sud Stop Express Car Wash – Made for Each Other

There are lots of reasons to embrace having an express car wash in Panama City Beach. From cleaning your car, protecting its finish, helping out the environment, and even saving you some valuable time in process, are among the best reasons to visit Sud Stop.

Outside the Car

As you know, Panama City Beach is one of the best resort towns on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s hard to argue with the white sandy beaches, 27 miles of shoreline, family beaches and many attractions.

But all that sun and sand can play havoc on your car’s finish. Ultraviolet radiation can damage the clear coat on your car, then progressively cause the color to fade and, over time, crack and peel.

Sand can also cause issues similar. Much like UV light, sand can damage the clearcoat, exposing the paint underneath. Further, sand can also get into cracks and chips, doing even more damage underneath.

That’s where an express car wash can be handy.

Express car washes offer different levels of coatings that are applied directly to your car as part of the wash cycle.

At Sud Stop, for instance, we offer three different wash packages, each offering an increased level of protectants. Our SpeedySud includes a wax fusion bath, our SuperSud includes a ceramic coating, while our top-tier SignatureSud includes a graphene carbon coating, each of which helps protect your car’s finish.

Inside the Car

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there is a lot of sand around. Even if you’re not going to the beach every day (bummer), sand ends up on your seats, on your floor mats, in crevices…

Fortunately, your local express car wash in Panama City Beach has you covered, with a host of detailing tools and free amenities available to all guests. Sud Stop has a bay of vacuum stations, with compresses air hoses that can be used for blowing out those crevices. Complimentary window cleaners and interior cleaners are also available, as well as microfiber towels and floor mat washers (yes, we have ones for fabric or rubberized mats).  Finish it off with a free air freshener.

Around the Neighborhood

Taking care of the local environment is especially important in Florida. There are many laws in place to protect watersheds and the plants and creatures that live in them.

Of course, you may wonder what that has to do with washing your car. If you’re washing your car on your driveway, all the stuff you wash off—soap, sand, oil, dirt, road debris, mystery chemicals—they all have to go somewhere, and unfortunately, that usually means they end up in the local waterways.

Express car washes like Sud Stop, on the other hand, have advanced filtration systems that collect reclaim and filter fresh water, and recycle dirt and grime, keeping it out of the local ecosystem. Soap and chemicals are biodegradable and pH balanced, too.

Plus, express car washes take less than 4 minutes and use only about 15 gallons of fresh water, which is considerably less that the at-home wash that averages 40 minute and 140 gallons of water.

Time is Money

As we already alluded to, an express car wash is a lot quicker than an at-home wash. The wash tunnel at Sud Stop in Panama City Beach takes less than 4 minutes. Plus, our members get to use a members-only lane which jumps them to the front of the line without worrying about payments, etc.

The average for washing at home is closer to 40 minutes, which also means a lot more water usage is possible.sudsy the mascot for sud stop car wash

Another thing to consider is the savings that comes with an unlimited wash package. The SignatureSud, for instance, is our graphene carbon wash that is competitively priced with most companies’ mid-tier ceramic wash. And did we mention “unlimited”? Wash as often as necessary. We also offer family and fleet discounts.

Try it Before You Buy It

Get a free car wash just by signing up for our Text Club. We’re easy to find in Panama City Beach, but there are other locations in the Southeast. Use our location finder for the Sud Stop nearest you!

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