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Sud Stop Has Free Car Floor Mat Washers For All Types of Mats

What do you think is one the most neglected areas of your car’s interior?

If you said, “floor mats,” you’re not alone.

Floor mats take a massive beating. From sand, dirt, road salt, food crumbs, oil, pet hair and spills, virtually everything you step in or walk through ends up collecting on your mats, not to mention all the trash and debris that falls onto the floor from kids, fast-food runs or a trip to the beach or trails.

Free Mat Washers at Sud Stop

Free Mat Washers at Sud Stop

Sure, you say, it’s just a floor mat.

But, once it’s on the floor, it can get onto your seats or tracked into your garage or house. What’s more, if odors or water get trapped, that could lead to mold or mildew, making your car a smelly, toxic, inhospitable place. And while they can be easily replaced, if the mats are so dirty they can’t protect your interior carpet, then you’re in big trouble.

At Sud Stop, we understand that taking care of every part of your car is important. That’s why we offer car floor mat washers as part of our extensive menu of free self-service amenities. (Did you know that some car washes charge extra for use of their mat washers? We don’t!)

There are two main types of car mats: carpet fabric or rubber. For a long time, cars only came with factory-installed carpet mats. Aftermarket rubber mats (like those made by WeatherTech) have been around for more than 30 years, and auto manufacturers have also started to make their own rubber mats.

We offer free car mat washers for both types of vehicle floor mats. Carpet-style mats can be cleaned in our automatic cleaner. Just insert the mat into the cleaner face down and it will run through the cycle and emerge clean!

Rubber (or molded) auto floor mats can be cleaned and rinsed washed in our rubber mat washer bin.

So, next time you stop by your local Sud Stop, be sure to take advantage of our free self-service amenities, especially our floor mat washing station.



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