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Graphene Carbon Coating at Big Dan’s Car Wash

Woman with dark hair wearing white t-shirt smiles and leans against her freshly-cleaned vehicle at Big Dan's Car Wash

The Auto-Graphx5


The Auto-Graphx5 at Big Dan’s Car Wash is an advanced, graphene carbon coating treatment for your vehicle. Similar to ceramic coating treatments, the Auto-Graphx5 creates a protective, invisible hydrophobic barrier over your vehicle’s paint that repels dirt and water for a simpler cleaning process. Graphene carbon coating treatments, however, go above and beyond ceramic options in terms of additional benefits.

The enhanced durability of graphene carbon treatments can help protect your vehicle from minor scratches or abrasions, as well as exposure to various environmental contaminants like acids, alkaline substances, and pollution. Graphene carbon coating also enhances your vehicle’s shine while protecting its paint, providing an unmatched sparkle. The final effect is a vehicle that requires less waxing, stays protected longer, and maintains a cleaner appearance between washes.

Wash Plans

Multiple Vehicles?

With the unlimited family plan, you can add additional vehicles to your membership and receive 25% off each additional membership.

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